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Power Batting  ...Develop the fast twitch muscles for rotational power & bat speed


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Using the dForce Trainer for 15 to 30 minutes a day, three to four times a week will increase your power, rotational power, bat speed, dynamic body strength, and agility.

...develop incredible Bat Speed & Power
...The Natural Alternative To Steroids
...Instantaneously & Guaranteed
How it works ... Step-by-Step
Bat ...Hands, Wrist & Forearms
Belt ... Lower Body, Hips Rotation, Leg Drive
Harness ...Upper Body Rotation
Wrist ...Lead Arm Connectivity & Power
Ankle ...Leg Stride Quickness & Power

Other Batting Drills ...batting practice or warm up anywhere or at any time in the world



Optional Throwing Drills ...Increase your arm strength & speed. 


  Note: The VEST has been replace by the HARNESS   
  Note: Hand GRIP is not included  
Batting System  ... Components


 (4) X Heavy Bands




(1) Bat

(1) Harness

(4) Heavy Band

(1) Platform & (2) End Plates

(1) Ankle Strap

(4) Medium Bands

(1) Wrist Strap

(4) Light Bands

(1) Medium V Bands

(1) Heavy V Bands

(1) Belt



Superior bat speed and power is desired for the sports of baseball and softball.

 Things that separate the great hitters from the average hitters are their superior swing mechanics, batting athleticism, the ability to read the pitch for as long as possible and make solid, powerful and consistent contact with the ball at the point of impact. 

 The fasted way to become a great power or contact hitter is to practice swinging the bat.  Getting out to the field is not always possible, plus the fact that one has to contend with the weather. 

 ET Training Systems spent years analyzing the biomechanics of the baseball and softball swing for the objective of determining how to develop any baseball or softball player into a great batter.  Through this analysis the dForce Trainer batting system was developed.  It is the most superior training aid in the world for improving your bat speed, power and swing mechanics.

 The Science Behind the dForce Trainer Batting System

 The science behind the dForce Trainer batting system is to train batters to use their bigger, stronger muscles to swing the bat and control the smaller fast twitch muscles to fire at impact, which produce a more powerful and consistent swing at the point of contact.  With regular use on the dForce Trainer batting system, the hitter is learning and ingraining a more powerful, faster, quicker and more consistent baseball or softball swing.

 The objective when practicing with the dForce Trainer Batting System is to develop your batting specific muscles and swing sequence with your big muscles firing the smaller fast twitch muscles of the wrists and hands. 

 The dForce Trainer Batting System trains you to use your big muscles the way they are supposed to be used for optimal power and consistency. During your baseball or softball swing, the wrists add power by adding whip to the bat, but most players mistakenly rely on this whip for their main power source. The real power should come from the big muscles in your legs, hips and torso firing the fast twitch muscles of the wrists and hands at impact.

 The wrist-snap is just a part of the swing process.  The dForce Trainer Batting System prevents the early release of the wrists cock before impact, thus enabling your bigger, stronger muscles to control the firing of the wrist cock.  And, instead of flipping your hands, you will be extending your body through the swing, transferring tremendous force into the ball.  When going back to your regular bat, you will notice a superior different in your overall body rotation, wrist-snap and hand action at impact.  The net result will be an increase in batting speed, maximizing your batting power, hitting the ball harder and farther, gain better bat control, Read the pitch longer, get around on fastballs quicker and have greater confidence at the plate.

 The dForce Trainer Batting System develops all aspects of your baseball or softball swing.  From the stance, to the load, to the stride, to the toe touch, to heel plant, to leg drive, to hips rotation, to weight transfer, to upper body rotation, to impact, to follow thru and to finish.

The dForce Trainer Batting Training-Aid is designed to be used indoors as well as outdoors and in conjunction with other training equipment and drills (tee, soft toss, etc).


The dForce Trainer Power Batting System is absolutely the fastest and most effective way to significantly improve your bat speed, batting posture, range-of-motion, flexibility, rotational power, rhythm, timing, tempo, control, balance, power, strength, quickness and agility for your batting swing mechanic. In just 15 to 30 minutes a day, three to four times a week you will absolutely blast the ball.

The dForce Trainer Batting System Training Aid allows players to take batting practice almost anywhere or at any time in the world.  There is no need to go out to the baseball or softball field.  With the dForce Trainer Batting System Training Aid, all you need is enough room to swing the bat. 

The dForce Trainer Batting Advantages: Increase your batting speed, Maximize your batting power, Hit the ball harder and farther, Gain better bat control, Read the pitch longer, Get around on fastballs, Have greater confidence at the plate

The dForce Trainer exercise drills work because they dynamically emulate, strengthen and condition the sport specific fast twitch muscle fibers that are directly responsible for developing power, speed and quickness necessary for developing a powerful baseball or softball swing.

Our program is appropriate for any level of athletic experience because of the nature of resistance training: Beginner, Youth, High School, College, Professional, Male and female athletes.

... We transform the ordinary athlete into the extraordinary athlete... the extraordinary athlete into the elite athlete, and... the elite athlete into the best they can be…

How Quickly Can I Improve?

Your bat speed and power will increase instantly.  Yes, this is correct.  When you first use the dForce Trainer batting system you will notice the different.  As your body swing mechanics and batting athleticism improves each week, your power, bat speed, swing consistency and batting percentage will rise to new levels. The dForce Trainer batting system is design to simultaneously improve your swing mechanics, batting athleticism, develop your baseball specific big and fast twitch muscles while perfecting your batting fundamentals.

How Do I Use The dForce Trainer Batting System?

The YouTube video above demonstrates how our system is used to develop Incredible Bat Speed & Power:

The dForce Trainer Batting System trains your body to use the big muscles to swing the bat and drive the smaller fast twitch muscles to fire precisely at impact with great power and consistency.  When developing your swing mechanics on the dForce Trainer your swing sequence, bat speed, power and consistency becomes effortless. 

As seen in our youtube video above, the resistance bands are attached to key positions on the body.  This resistance forces the muscles to respond and react to your swing sequence, thus, drive the development of muscle power, speed and memory for your swing mechanics.  This is known as dynamic directional resistance training and is the fast and most effective way to improve your batting or softball swing mechanics.

Players has the means to obtain the knowledge to correct their swing mechanics, but the ability to build their exact sport specific fast twitch muscles for their swing is only offered by the dForce Trainer batting system.  It is these muscles that separate the great hitters from everyone else.

The dForce Trainer Batting System can be used when:
      1.   On deck
      2.   Doing soft-toss or front-toss
      3.   Doing tee work
      4.   Swinging indoors or Outdoors.

The more you training on the dForce Trainer Batting system, the better batter you will become.  As you develop new bat speed and power it will naturally and immediately transfer into your at bats during your games.


Dynamic Directional Resistance Training