Golf System I ...dForce Trainer & The  Club

The dForce Trainer is a unique golf training aid product that will completely revolutionize the process of developing the long and short game golf swing mechanics.

This dynamic directional resistance trainer is an excellent tool to improve athletic skills of all levels. The purpose of this training aid is to develop muscles, muscle memory and the cardiovascular system for the human body for a variety of sports, particularly golf. By simplifying the golf swing into its key positions, the dForce Trainer will develop the muscles for these key positions and train the body to memorize that action through repetitive and isometric exercises.

Swinging a golf club demands acceleration and control which requires amateurs and professionals to precisely repeat the same motion when playing a round of golf. The dForce Trainer will help you develop a consistent golf swing by strengthening your posture, developing great balance, timing, tempo, rhythm, reliability, repeatability, control and power—which leads to great ball striking and lower scores.

Add distance and accuracy to your golf game.


Product Contents
Training Machine,

2 Sets of Tethers,

The Golf Club,

Golf Workout Manual


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