Golf System II ...The Power Vest & dForce Trainer
The Power Vest System  is designed to build muscles, muscle memory and strengthen muscles for dynamic body rotation for the sport of golf.  When working out properly with the power vest system a golfer can increase his or her ball striking distance 5 to 25 yards in just 3 to 6 weeks for every club in your bag, not just your driver. 

Rotational power develops great posture, balance, timing, tempo, rhythm, reliability, repeatability, control and power.  Rotational power is required for great ball striking in the game of golf and now can be achieved by everyone.  Dynamic body rotation is why the professional golfer's swing looks so effortless.

Creating power and accuracy like pro's such as Tiger Woods, Davis Love III, Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson,  and others is now in your reach.

 This attachment can be outfitted with a variety of tension bands which allow you to emulate a variety of rotational movement for a variety of sports.  Included with this product  is our workout program for developing body rotation for the game of golf.

Product  Contents
(1) dForce Trainer,

(1) Power Vest,

(4) Lightweight Tethers,

(4) Medium Tethers,

(4) Heavy Tethers,

(4) X Heavy Tethers,

(1) Exercise Booklet,

(1) Guide Bar,

(2) End Plates

Vest Size: