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Our Golf Club & Accessories package provides current owners of the dForce Trainer add-on components and programs for training for the game of golf.

The dForce Trainer Golf System is absolutely the fastest and most effective way to significantly improve your golf swing speed, posture, range-of-motion, flexibility, rotational power, rhythm, timing, tempo, control, balance, power, strength and accuracy.

The Golf Club attachment builds muscles, muscle memory and strengthen muscles for the impact zone  and  takeaway  zone for the sport of Golf.

The five holes in the club are used for setting the wrist cock angle.  The closer you place the eyebolt to the grip, the less wrist cock you are building into your swing.  The further away you place the eyebolt to the grip, the more wrist cock you will produce in your swing.  Wrist cock is one of the key sources for great power.

The eyebolt is adjustable (up & down)  to suit your one piece takeaway action for your  forearms, wrists and hand rotation on the backswing.  The eyebolt is also adjustable to suit your left wrist supinate action at impact during the downswing.


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