Football Manual
Our Football Manual provides current owners of the dForce Trainer the program instructions for Football training on the dForce Trainer.

The Football Quarterback workout program contains exercises that builds muscles, muscle memory, muscle speed and strengthen muscles for throwing and body rotation.

The Quarterback Program develops arm strengthen and upper body rotational posture, timing, tempo, rhythm, consistency, reliability, repeatability, control and quickness.  The Quarterback  workout will increase your overall body to arm coordination quickness for throwing the football. 

Our Body Rotational Program develops the core components of the body, hips, lower back, abdominals and leg drive.   To become a high performance athlete for football or any other sport, exercises that involve multiple core components are essential.

Throwing a football demands a smooth transition combined with a superb release.  Developing a mechanically sounded, stronger, quicker and repeatable  release  leads to great passing accuracy and higher completion percentages