Football System Elite...Q.B. & Running Program & Core Strengthening


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The Football System Elite is design to build sport-specific fast twitch muscle fibers for power & speed, arm strength & throwing accuracy, core strength & dynamic body rotation for the sport of Football.

Throwing a Football demands a smooth lower to upper body transition combined with a superb release. Developing a mechanically sounded, stronger, quicker and repeatable release — leads to great throwing accuracy and higher pass completion percentage

Throwing Advantages: Increase your arm speed, Maximize your throwing power, Throw the ball faster, harder and farther, Gain better control and throwing accuracy, Have greater confidence during the game

There is no substitute for speed, power & quickness for the game of Football. Speed, power and quickness is inarguably three of the most dominant factor in changing the way the game is played. Football has gotten faster, quicker and more powerful at every position and will continue to do so.

Speed, power & quickness Advantages: Improve reaction time and explosive power, Maximize your acceleration & momentum, Increase Top Speed, Gain greater speed, power and quickness

Our Core Training Program develops a mechanically sounded, stronger, dynamically flexible and quicker core —which leads to great rotational power, upper & lower body coordination, timing, tempo and rhythm.

Core Advantages: Increase your rotational speed, Maximize your rotational power, Gain greater athleticism, Improve your linear and multi-linear directional agility, Gain greater balance, body control, and coordination

Our program is appropriate for any level of athletic experience because of the nature of resistance training: Beginner, Youth, High school, College, Professional, Male and Female athletes

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Throwing Program

Our Upper Body Rotation and Arm Strengthening Exercise will strengthen your throwing mechanics for the sport of Football.  This exercise develops your upper body rotation and throwing arm power, accuracy and quickness.  In addition, this exercise develops great timing, tempo, rhythm, reliability, repeatability, control and a superb throwing touch.
Throwing a football demands a smooth transition combined with a superb release.  Developing a mechanically sounded, stronger, quicker and repeatable  release  — leads to great throwing accuracy and higher completion percentage


Core Strength


Upper Body Whip & Arm Strength



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Dynamic Directional Resistance Training