Custom Tethers  ...dynamic directional resistance training

... high performance fast twitch muscles development

...Sport Specific Training


 Calculation Methods Tubing Sizes:

Outside Diameter O.D. = I.D. + (2 x Wall):

Inside Diameter I.D. = O.D. - (2 x Wall):

Wall Thickness  = (O.D. - I.D.)/2:


Total Length Of Tubing with Connectors:

Length Of Tubing Between Connectors:

Connector Style:

Connector Size:






We do custom resistance bands of different sizes, length, colors and tensions.  Whatever your needs are, we will evaluate and price it for you.  Our custom color resistance bands are driven by are supplier pricing.  Black and Amber are industry standard colors, all other color are special order.  We provide our standard tension bands of various strengthens.  To obtain a quote, please Click "Order Now", your email box will pop up with our email address inserted in the To field.  Please enter the information display above and click send.  We will get back to you with in 1 to 48 hours.

Dynamic Directional Resistance Training