Golf System

...The dForce Trainer ...Power Harness & The Golf Club

 ... high performance fast twitch muscles development

The Swing Path  ...Develop the fast twitch muscles of the swing path

The Swing Path


Swinging a golf club demands acceleration and control, a smooth swing path combined with superb power and acceleration through the impact zone will produce great  timing, tempo, rhythm, control and power—which leads to great ball striking and lower scores.


Club Grip Size:  Harness Size:  Hand: 



Note: The VEST has been replace by the HARNESS.  The HARNESS offers greater durability, can handle up to 3000 pounds.


The Power Of Rotation ... Creating power and accuracy like the pro's

  Unleash the Power  
With the HARNESS, a golfer can increase his or her ball striking distance 5 to 25 yards in just 3 to 6 weeks for every club in your bag, not just the driver.  No matter how long you have been playing golf, maintaining and improving your body rotation is a must to maintain a power and accurate golf swing ...

Versatility...Attachments used with weight machines or Resistance Bands anywhere Or anytime


Golf System  ... Components




(2) Light



Golf Platform


(2) Medium


(2) Heavy

Guide Bar

(2) X-Heavy


Discover our secret to Unlocking the Mystery Of the Golf Swing and developing the Power of Rotation.

The Golf Club attachment builds muscles, muscle memory and strengthen muscles for the sport of Golf.

The Harness builds muscles and strengthen muscles for dynamic body rotation.  The rotating of your body with great posture, balance, timing, tempo, rhythm, reliability, repeatability, control and power is required for the game of golf and now can be achieved by everyone.  Dynamic body rotation is why the professional golfer's swing looks so effortless.




Dynamic Directional Resistance Training