Vertical Jumping System  
The Vertical Jump ...Jumping, Leaping, Hang time & Jumping Quickness


The ability to jump and hang in the air is required for sports such as basketball, volleyball, track & field and football and is one of few athletic skills that can instantly raise an athletes performance to another level.  Jumping power is generated largely by the lower body muscles while the core and upper body muscle strength support the vertical lift driving force.   The dForce Trainer jumping systems develops the fast twitch muscles for the vertical jump.

The Vertical Jump ...Jumping, Leaping, Hang time & Jumping Quickness

  Exercising one leg at a time is a truer representation of how force is applied to the leg during the execution of a sport.  It is not uncommon for one leg to endure forces as high as three to five times your body weight  in a sporting activity.  
How it works ... Step-by-Step ... superior leg strengthening
The Power Of The Feet & Lower Legs ...The toes, feet, ankles, calves and Achilles
Toe-Toe Raise -Balances   Calve Toe Raise - Power
Toe-Toe/Calve Toe Raises      

Dynamic Directional Resistance Training