The Power Of the Legs


As much as 30% of the energy in running and jumping is generated in the lower leg. 


The dForce Trainer builds the fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower legs for explosive leaping and quickness. 




This exercise is designed to build the muscles in the toes, feet, ankles, Achilles and calves.  Our Power Toe Raise Block is designed to maximize muscles development for the toes, feet, ankles, Achilles and calves.  The block is design to stretch the lower leg muscles for greater range of motion and flexibility.  This gain in range of motion alone will improve your overall quickness, leaping and sprinting power.  Combine the muscle development of the toes, feet, ankles, Achilles and calves with the gains in range of motion, you will develop high performances leg strength for any sport.  



The Knees


Our program builds knee muscles as a functional unit of the whole body.  In order to strengthen the muscles of the legs for sport performance, exercises that involve multiple joints are essential.

The knees are one of the biggest problems in sports, especially women's sports.  Knee injuries have shortened many an athlete's career.


The Quads

Exercising one leg at a time is a truer representation of how force is applied to the leg during the execution of a sport.  It is not uncommon for one leg to endure forces as high as three to five times your body weight  in a sporting acitivity.

When developing the Quad muscles for jumping or running you must train and develop dynamic muscle movements of the quad and not isolate muscles. 

Quads, Hips & Hamstring

This exercise focuses primarily on the quads, hips and secondly on the hamstring muscles.  The beauty of this exercise is that it produces superior development of the quads, hips and hamstring with less stress on other components of the body.  More importantly, you are less likely to get injured while training.

The dForce Trainer is the only system on the market that can develop superior leg muscles for a variety of sports without  pounding the feet, ankles, knees, quads, hamstrings, hips, lower and upper back and abdominal muscles.  You will enhance your athletic career and better enjoy life after.

Dynamic Directional Resistance Training