Basketball System  
Basketball ...Shooting, Dunking, Vertical Jumping, Speed & Quickness


The Basketball System builds sport-specific fast twitch muscle fibers for the vertical jump, speed, quickness and shooting mechanics.  Increase your vertical jump, jump shot range & accuracy and body quickness for the sport of Basketball.
Jump Shooting Mechanics 
Transition Release Shooting Form
To obtain a quicker release, it all starts with getting the ball into the shooting position quicker ...this is the one thing that is hardly ever taught or understood easily, until now.  The transition workout will increase your overall body to arm coordination quickness for shooting. Shooting a basketball demands a smooth transition combined with a superb release.  Developing a mechanically sounded, stronger, quicker and repeatable  release  leads to great shooting accurate and higher scoring productivity Form Shooting Exercise ... It will strengthen your shooting posture, develop great timing, tempo, rhythm, consistency, reliability, repeatability, control and shooting touch

The Vertical Jump ...Jumping, Leaping, Hang time & Jumping Quickness

  Exercising one leg at a time is a truer representation of how force is applied to the leg during the execution of a sport.  It is not uncommon for one leg to endure forces as high as three to five times your body weight  in a sporting activity.  
How it works ... Step-by-Step ... superior leg strengthening
The Slam Dunk  ... 5' 9" and Slamming ... dForce Trainer

Dynamic Directional Resistance Training